2. LIFE ZONE review on the comics journal today. obtainable now via space face books.

  3. clubmisma:

    Les aventures de MEGG, MOGG & OWL de girlmountain, bientôt disponibles en français ! Sortie officielle le 24 avril en librairie…

  4. HECHIZO TOTAL (spanish) / MAXIMAL SPLEEN (french). 

  5. i made this bookplate for HECHIZO TOTAL, out this month from FULGENCIO PIMENTEL! 180pages of MMO in spanish!

  6. the second issue of the PITCHFORK REVIEW is out on APRIL 7th and features “WEREWOLF JONES’ SCHOOL OF ROCK”, a ridiculous new four page MMOWW “adventure”.

  7. illustration in the NEW YORK TIMES today. thanks to art director Alexandra Zsigmond!