1. seibei:

    Lil pic of that new @michael.deforge /Patrick Kyle/Simon Hanselmann collabo for @telegraphprints - premiering at SPX and online this weekend!


  2. koyamapress:


    In case you haven’t heard, the USA is about to be invaded by three commonwealth cartoonists on a month long tour. Michael DeForgeSimon Hanselmann and Patrick Kyle are launching their tour and their latest books at SPX this weekend, and will be featured on a live edition of Inkstuds with hosts Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham! Be there!

    Inkstuds Live: Michael DeForge, Simon Hanselmann and Patrick Kyle
    Saturday 6-7PM in the White Oak Room

    At this year’s SPX, two cross-country tours explosively collide! Inkstuds host Robin McConnell has taken his popular comics-focused radio show on the road with special guest co-host Brandon Graham in tow, in a series of live Inkstuds programs. In Bethesda, Michael DeForge (Lose #6), Simon Hanselmann (Megahex), and Patrick Kyle (Distance Mover) will kick off their own book tour live on stage as McConnell and Graham’s special guests.

  4. new MMO up at VICE. page four of the ongoing amsterdam serial. (this serial will be on a break while i’m away in the US. i’ll be doing a “travel diary” in it’s place.)

  5. VICE MMO (amsterdam pt. III) didn’t go up yesterday because of labor day. i have no idea when it’s going up now. everybody at vice is busy celebrating that big A&E deal with champagne backrubs and cocained truffles.

  6. MMO/WW are in this month’s issue of THE BELIEVER.

  7. late night video excursions. low key celebrations over HTMLflowers finishing his new book for SPACE FACE . “coming soon”.