1. fantagraphics candyboyz 2013 outtake video

  2. exclusive megahex bookplate for london’s best comic shop, GOSH!

  3. fantagraphics:

    Today is the DAY, digital readers. Megahex by Simon Hanselmann is available. This is normally where’d we make a joke about digitall rolling up a joint to go with your reading but not everyone is as lucky as Washington (where pot is smoke a-freely). SO how ‘bout instead you make some trashcan punch?

    Megg is a depressed, drug-addicted witch. Mogg is her black cat. Their friend, Owl, is an anthropomorphized owl. They hang out a lot with Werewolf Jones. This may sound like a pure stoner comedy, but it transcends the genre: these characters struggle unsuccessfully to come to grips with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of work, lack of ambition, and their complex feelings about each other in ways that have made Megg and Mogg sensations on Hanselmann’s Girl Mountain Tumblr. This is the first collection of Hanselmann’s work, freed from its cumbersome Internet prison, and sure to be one of the most talked about graphic novels of 2014, featuring all of the “classic” Megg and Mogg episodes from the past five years as well as over 70 pages of all-new material.

    These 214 joke-soaked pages are yours for only $22.99 so grab your copy of Megahex today on comiXology!  

    Simon Hanselmann is the real deal, for sure. He captures that stoner stay-at-home life so accurately that I actually find his comics really depressing and thank god I don’t ever have to hang out with anybody like that ever again.” - Daniel Clowes

  4. HTMLflowers (grant gronewold) and i were interviewed for the new issue of PRINTED PAGES. it was over skype and i don’t recall what we talked about (aside from grant’s upcoming book through space face). i remember grant absentmindedly playing with a knife partway through it and finding that amusing. i hope they mention the knife. (oh yeah and we did portraits of each other for the issue. “exclusive” portraits.)

  5. this week’s VICE MMO. part two of the AMSTERDAM serial.

  6. fantagraphics:

    The Boys of Summer are about to be in your town fun in the fall! Simon Hanselmann is coming all the way from Melbourne, Australia to titelate and delight Americans with his debut comic graphic novel, Megahex. Joining him are Koyama Press cartoonists, Michael DeForge with Lose and Patrick Kyle with Distance Mover! A few other special guests will join them along the way so find your city and plunk your butt down in front of the store for a good time. There will also be a silkscreened version of the above collaboration available soon from the amazing Telegraph Gallery.

    September 12th - Baltimore, MD - Atomic Books 
    (with Charles Burns, Ed Piskor, Noel Freibert and more!)

    September 13-14th - Bethesda, MD SPX  

    September 15th - Charlottesville, VA - Telegraph Gallery  
    (with Noel Freibert) 

    September 16th - Philadelphia, PA - Locust Moon Comics  
    (with Farel Dalrymple, Annie Mok and Noel Freibert)

    September 20th - Brooklyn, NY - Bergen Street Comics  
    (with Eleanor Davis, Jesse Reklaw, Matthew Thurber, Mark Connery, Alex Degen and Noel Freibert)

    September 21st - Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Book Festival

    September 23rd - Manhattan, NY - The New School

    September 24th - Pittsburgh, PA - Copacetic Comics  
    (with Annie Mok and Noel Freibert)

    September 27th - Columbus, OH - Kafe Kerouac

    September 30th - Chicago, IL - Quimby’s

    October 2nd - Minneapolis, MN - Boneshaker Books

    October 4th - Las Vegas, NV - TBA

    October 5th - Los Angeles, CA - Secret Headquarters

    October 7th - San Francisco, CA - Mission Comics

    October 9th - Portland, OR - Floating World

    October 10th - Portland, OR - Gridlords

    October 11th - Seattle, WA - Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery 
    (with Lane Milburn and Conor Stechschulte) 

    October 12th - Vancouver, BC - Pulp Fiction 
    (sans Simon Hanselmann)

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