1. some panels from MEGAHEX. out very soon… (with 69 pages of new episodes)

  2. this week’s MMO is up on VICE 

  3. re-imagined cover for BEAR for this feature on HAZLIT. (technically i can now tell people at dinner parties that i have “done a book cover for penguin random house”) thankyou, anshuman iddamsetty.

  4. comicsworkbook:

    "Vice Thumbnails From Last Week

    Simon Hanselmann for Comics Workbook.

  5. (advertisement) check out the comics section on VICE. (no pressure). there’s a bunch of weekly strips like “BAND FOR LIFE” by ANYA DAVIDSON, “The BLOBBY BOYS / FASHION CAT” by ALEX SCHUBERT and “FLOWERTOWN USA” by RICK ALTERGOTT. plus different shit on sundays. including “FRANCIS BEAR” by GREGORY MACKAY. also MEGG, MOGG & OWL, every monday. “forever”.

  6. vicemag:

    Megg, Mogg, & Owl – Part 13, by Simon Hanselmann